Veneers in Bangkok


Veneers in Bangkok Dental veneers, sometimes called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, are thin, specially made materials. tooth-colored closed on the front teeth with the purpose of making the teeth look better and more beautiful by the material that is applied on the front teeth surface is to change the color of the teeth change in shape, size, or length of teeth to look more beautiful

Making veneers or veneers It is one of the helpers that can correct the defects of the teeth to bring them back to be beautiful, white enamel, smile with confidence again.Today, the doctor will tell you about things you should know before and after making veneers, such as how much does each type of veneer cost? Where to do veneer, safe, worthwhile results

Veneer (Dental Veneer) is made from composite or ceramic. It is thin and small. It is designed to look and look like natural enamel with a similar color and shape to teeth. which will be attached to the front of the teeth Perfectly attached to the surface of the teeth veneer In addition to helping the beauty of the teeth to be more beautiful It also helps with correcting the alignment of the teeth. closing the gap Including preventing the problem of hurting the teeth. It can also reduce the damage that may occur in the future

Another advantage of veneers is that they can fix the color of the teeth to be white as needed. It is often used to correct unattractive tooth shapes such as cracked teeth, chipped teeth, small teeth. or the teeth that have been filled and the color is not the same

for the service life of the veneer On average, it will last longer than 10-15 years, depending on the use and care of the individual. for beauty and safety Veneer installation should only be performed by a skilled dentist with experience in veneer making.

There are two types of materials used to make veneers:

Composite (COMPOSITE) is the same material used in dental fillings. Longer service life than porcelain and has less color clarity Suitable for people who have problems with spaced teeth, small teeth, chipped teeth, slightly crooked teeth. unevenly colored teeth and have a limited budget

Porcelain (PORCELAIN) is a ceramic material. It has high durability properties. and the texture is beautiful natural glow Suitable for people who want confidence Because porcelain veneers are the most similar to real teeth. and has a long service life As a result, porcelain materials are more expensive than composite materials.

How many veneers do I need to make to be good?
Dental veneers can do more than 1 tooth depending on individual problems. It is advisable to consult an experienced dentist for proper diagnosis and smile design. For the beauty and most suitable for each person Both about the whiteness of the teeth, including the appearance of the teeth.

Where is the best place to do veneers?
-standardized dental clinic
Choosing a dental clinic For making veneers is very important. Should consider many aspects such as certification standards. Must be a dental clinic that provides correct service, safety, cleanliness

-experienced dentist
dentist doing dental veneers Must be a specialized dentist with expertise and experience to get satisfactory results Helps to be more confident with a smile And the smile is beautiful and suitable for that person.

-standard veneer material
before veneer Just don’t look cheap. Should study the information well whether the materials used are standardized or not. will not have to regret Follow to solve problems later, such as gingivitis, bad breath, tooth decay, root problems. and may eventually lose teeth