Travel to Phuket, let me tell you! Why is it so cool!


Travel to Phuket, Hong Kong to Phuket let me tell you! Why is it so cool! Anyone traveling to Phuket for the first time or traveling by plane to Phuket International Airport and looking for a landmark to check in to let friends know that you are already in Phuket. Must visit Mai Khao Beach, a beach located near Phuket Airport where you can easily walk for only a few minutes. Moreover, if on any day the wind direction is from the sea side You might even get to take pictures or see planes landing at Phuket airport up close!

Anyone planning to visit Phuket for the first time? Must not miss! Stop by to check in at a landmark that does not check in is like arriving in Phuket like Promthep Cape. Especially during this time, you can say that you will definitely get beautiful pictures without crowds.In addition, at Promthep Cape, in addition to being the most beautiful sunset viewpoint in Phuket. At Laem Phromthep, there is also a courtyard of Phromthep for you to worship. You can make a wish too.

Who still has strength Or want to walk around the night market on Sunday night in Phuket, then don’t miss it! Phuket Walking Street, Lat Yai or Phuket Walking Street, a popular tourist destination of Phuket people that is perfect for anyone who wants to find delicious food. Including enjoying the show and shops, souvenir shops over many shops, I can say that you will definitely get a lot of souvenirs and food!

as it is a large city in the south Phuket has many interesting festivals and local cultures. Ready to support tourists to join in the fun and learn throughout the year.

Visiting Phuket in April

Songkran – Phuket’s Songkran Festival is as grand as any other province. In addition to being a long vacation for Thai people It is also a festival that foreign tourists prefer to book tickets to come and join in the fun. The main spots in Phuket that are popular for people to come to play Songkran are Patong Beach, Soi Bangla or Saphan Hin.

Visiting Phuket in May

Seafood Festival – Due to the location of Phuket is an island. Therefore, it is not unusual to have fresh seafood. Let’s try it easily. Therefore, the local government has initiated to promote the freshness of good quality ingredients in Phuket for both Thai and foreign tourists to enjoy. When combined with the food culture that is Thai, Chinese and Peranakan. This festival is therefore a festival that food lovers should not miss.

Visiting Phuket in September

Vegetarian Festival – A famous festival in Phuket. There will be an event during the 9th month, the 1st day of the waxing moon to the 9th day of the waxing moon every year. Restaurants across the province will plant a yellow flag as a sign in front of the shop. The Vegetarian Festival also attracts the attention of foreigners who come to see the seance tradition as well.

Phuket in November

Floating Sea Boat Festival – Between mid-June and November every year. The native sea people will consider it as a time to exorcise. Add auspiciousness to yourself. By using the wood to build boats. Ready to bring a wooden doll instead of a person It is a symbol of letting go of sorrows to the sea and there is a dance around the boat called Ram Rong Ngem.