Dental Venneers in Bangkok


Dental Venneers in Bangkok bright white teeth have beautiful teeth can add charm to a smile as well It also enhances confidence. to impress those who see it But if the teeth have problems such as broken teeth, broken teeth, chipped teeth or yellow teeth Veneer veneer is another widely popular method. These problems can be solved quickly and instantly.

What is enamel?
Veneer, or many people may call it veneer, is the use of special materials that are thin and similar in color to teeth. Stick on the teeth to cover up problems such as unattractive teeth, yellow teeth, uneven teeth surface, broken teeth, crooked teeth, making teeth look naturally beautiful

The veneer will need to be slightly milled to the front of the tooth surface. and may need to remove 0.5-1.0 millimeters of dentin to smooth the teeth After that, it will be attached to the surface of the teeth. It closes the entire front of the tooth close to the edge of the tooth at the gum line. Which is usually done only with 8 front teeth. But it depends on the smile type of the service recipient, how many front teeth will be visible when smiling? This method can decorate the teeth to achieve the desired appearance, regardless of the color of the teeth. shape and size of teeth And must be done by a dentist who specializes in prosthodontics. (dental restoration and cosmetic teeth) only for safety and satisfactory results.

Veneer, or what many people call “enamel” or “veneer”, is a material that looks like a thin sheet. fitted to the teeth To cover up defects such as chipped teeth, cracked teeth, or unattractive teeth as you wish.In the process of installing the veneer to the teeth The enamel must be removed first, then dental adhesive is applied. and then put the veneer over it The need to grind the enamel first means there are limitations in doing multiple veneers, so before deciding to do it, you should consult with your doctor about the pros and cons in detail.

veneers and crowns What’s the difference?
first difference Veneers are cosmetic dentistry. Crowns are done to treat broken teeth, broken teeth, which are often done along with root canal treatment or dental implants. In terms of fitting, veneers are thinner than crowns and only fit on the front of the tooth. It’s like having your teeth hold a shield. in making veneers The dentist then grinds only one side of the tooth. It’s like wearing an armor that covers the entire tooth. and requires more grinding because the size of the crown is thicker

porcelain veneer price
Porcelain veneer 1-2 teeth 2,000-13,000 baht
Porcelain veneer 6-8 teeth 45,000-79,000 baht

composite veneer price
Composite veneer 1 tooth 3,325-10,000 baht
Composite veneer 6-8 teeth 10,000-19,000 baht
Veneer composite 16 teeth 45,000-50,000 baht